Time to Reminisce

I’ve been feeling somewhat nostalgic lately. It must be a mid-twenties thing. It’s the awkward age where my friends are either getting married and having children, or they’re drunk and lost somewhere. Both of which I’m totally fine with. They just happen to be such extremes, two different extremes. I miss the time when we... Continue Reading →


thank you, my friends.

I never say thank you to my friends. I know I'm hard to keep up with. Thank you. There's this vision of happiness that I have in my mind. It's next to this vision I have of friendship. To get by, I'd say they need to go hand in hand. My constant complaint in my life is... Continue Reading →

Pretty Girl

You're pretty, Always in my eyes Listen to your mother, I'll tell you why. Your great, big heart, and matching smile. & Im sorry if I dress you & have no style. But you're beautiful, regardless of your clothes. You're smart enough to know your colors & smart enough to know. That what matters most... Continue Reading →

My Prime. 

You've heard about people hitting their prime, right? Like they peaked at some point, they were the best they were ever going to be. Often, it's in reference to athletes. We all remember when our favorite had the most hits, sacks, goals, touchdowns, or whatever it was. That moment in their lives when they were... Continue Reading →

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