to my 2nd.

the following poem I wrote about my most sensitive memory. through this blog you will come to learn a lot about me. a lot I am very proud of, and a lot of my hidden pain. this here poem, holds the biggest of my pains. I will never forget this day, and the feeling. even though I still battle with my decision, in the end, in the true core, it was what was best. still, I loved my little caterpillar,and I will always hold you in my heart.


I can’t take back

What I’ve done today

I can’ take back

Our last goodbye

I barely know you

& I’m letting go.

I barely loved you,

& I’m letting go.


It’s selfish, I know.

I chose my dreams

I chose to fight

Everyday a secret battle, I created on my own,

I hide it inside.

I chose your sister,

I chose her life

To give her a better one,

You are my biggest sacrifice.


Forgive me baby, for letting you go

Before you were real enough to hold.

Forgive me baby, I hope you know

That still I loved you, I just couldn’t give you the world.


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