Our Trip to the Zoo

DSC_3717.JPGI’m starting to see a few trickling effects of having spent so much time, just the two of us. We don’t do well with crowds, and have little to no interest in other kids. This child of mine has her own world, and she’s the boss of it. She doesn’t need someone by her side to show her the way, and she’s teaching me what it truly means to explore. Even though our trip was short; thank you scorching sun for that, we still had fun.


We wondered around, and anything that was climbable was climbed. These steps were her favorite part. The monkeys were cool too, but have you jumped off stairs before?


I love watching this little girl explore. Taking risks here and there and testing the boundaries. She wants to know how far she can push me, but shortly after, she always wants her mom. I love her fearlessness, her thirst to explore. She knows I’m never too far from her. Though keeping up with her can be difficult….




I’m guilty of always wanting to be right behind her. When we’re out and about, I get nervous if she’s out of my sight. I think she needs a little more room to explore on her own. She trusts her intuitions, and plays it safe. While she feeds her curious side too.

I cant wait to do a little more exploring this summer. I want to keep watching you grow. I promise, Delilah, that you’ll never be too far. I promise to try to not be too close, too.



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