Goodbye to My A-Rod

I still remember seeing your first baseball game. At the park down my house. Those butterflies were insane. First time I met your mom. I swear, she hasn’t liked me since. Guess she could tell, how we looked at each other then. Guess she could tell, all the danger that was within. We were so young then. That age, closer to our daughter’s than to ours now.

I decided I couldn’t take anymore. I think about the very beginning, my dreams and hopes. I think about my first kiss, and how that day was so cold. I remember everything, those days seem so close. I decided I couldn’t hold on anymore. The hope that things can stay the same died, and with it the second chance I was saving for you, for when you wanted to come home. I decided that that I was growing old, and with it came new pains and to the ones you left behind, I had to let go of. To everything you left behind, I let go of. I decided, that weight, I couldn’t hold. You decided you could have more, and I wasn’t enough. You decided that I was the one common problem, and other girls were the cure. You decided that fatherhood was not your style, and turned your back to your little girl. I decided that I could do better, at some point, when I’m all grown. In the mean time, I’ll stay focused on the bigger goal. I swear, my dreams are feeling so close.

Keep your pride, and your money, and your distance, too. We’ve learned to make it through everything, all the shit you put us through. We’re moving forward, and experiencing the world. We’re sorry, we couldn’t wait for you anymore. We do wish you well, and stop by when you can. I’ll keep our little girl safe, and feed all the sides of her that are you. In her, a piece of you will stay.

Goodbye to what was. Goodbye to what will never be. Goodbye to my A-Rod, and those pieces of me.


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