Hello. I’m Trini.

Hello, it’s so nice that you stopped by. My name is Trini.

I’m new to this, publicly expressing my thoughts. But I have always loved writing, and cherishing memories, creating stories that I can look back on, forever. A story and a picture can go a long way. Somethings, are not always happy, but they have shaped the human I am. I’m wanting to share that person with you.

I’m twenty-four [24] years old, and have a three [3] year old daughter. I became a single mom soon after becoming a mom. I simply see myself as an artistic, humble, shy, hardworking human, who happens to be the mother to one artistic, shy, big hearted little girl. She is changing my views of the world, for the better. I would like to invite you into our life, and my journey of reminiscing. She’s experiencing everything brand new, and I’m finding new love for memories of my past. Welcome to our messy, rather simple, life. Welcome to the Trini story, though it’s not all about me.